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At Bella Solviva, our philosophy embraces stewardship by making the best use of the resources that have been provided.  As such, our goal is to have as close to a zero-footprint as possible regarding energy, efficiency, waste, forestry and sustainability.  From planning and design, to building, operation and maintenance, our intent is to find a balance between recreational enjoyment and the sustainable environment.

Wind PowerSustainable Energy

We intend to create a micro-grid through the use of solar, wind and hydro power technologies to create an energy efficient, self-sustaining community. Our selected property has a substantial ridge along its western edge. The south/south west facing slopes make an ideal location for harvesting solar and wind electricity, while an existing dam can be used to produce hydro-power as well. In addition, we aim to employ thermal mass and campfire heat harvesting to compliment power generation.


Eco-responsible accommodations focus on structures which minimize impact on the environment. The basic definition of a green hotel or accommodation is lodging that follows the practices of green living.  Green hotels follow strict green guidelines to ensure that their guests are staying in a safe, non-toxic and energy-efficient accommodation. Here are some basic characteristics of a green hotel:

  • Housekeeping uses non-toxic cleaning agents and laundry detergent
  • 100% organic cotton sheets and towels
  • Non-smoking environment
  • Renewable energy sources like solar or wind energy
  • Bulk organic soap and amenities instead of individual packages to reduce waste
  • Guest room and hotel lobby recycling bins
  • Towel and sheet re-use (guests can tell housekeeping to leave these slightly used items to reduce water consumption)
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • On-site transportation with green vehicles
  • Serve organic and local-grown food
  • Non-disposable dishes
  • Offers a fresh-air exchange system
  • Grey-water recycling, which is the reuse of kitchen, bath and laundry water for garden and landscaping
  • Newspaper recycling program

Building Structures

While the practices or technologies employed in green building are constantly evolving and may differ from region to region, fundamental principles persist from which the method is derived: siting and structure design efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency, materials efficiency, indoor environmental quality enhancement, operations and maintenance optimization and waste and toxics' reduction. However, building as a process is not as streamlined as an industrial process, and varies from one building to the other, never repeating itself identically. The essence of green building is an optimization of one or more of these principles. To the maximum extent feasible, our facilities plan to facilitate the use of water that is collected, used, purified, and reused on-site.

Organic PermaculturePermaculture

Permaculture design emphasizes patterns of landscape, function, and species assemblies. It determines where these elements should be placed so they can provide maximum benefit to the local environment. The focus of permaculture, therefore, is not on each separate element, but rather on the relationships created among elements by the way they are placed together. Permaculture design therefore seeks to minimize waste, human labor, and energy input by building systems with maximal benefits between design elements to achieve a high level of synergy which evolve over time. Permaculture has been applied most commonly to the design of housing and landscaping, integrating techniques such as agroforestry, natural building, and rainwater harvesting.

At Bella Solviva, our goal is to use a worm farm waste system to process all food waste including meat, bones, citrus, onions, garlic, dairy, paper serviettes, weeds and small prunings.   Food and organic waste will be converted into a rich, balanced fertilizer for use in gardens around the campground.  Even campfire ash will be turned into a natural wood ash soap for use and sale onsite!  The few remaining items (plastics & metals) will be recycled.

Responsible Tourism

The emphasis of responsible tourism means that everyone involved in tourism – government, product owners and operators, transport operators, community services, tourists, and industry associations – are collectively responsible for achieving the goals of responsible tourism and may include:

  • supporting the integrity of local cultures by favoring businesses which conserve cultural heritage and traditional values
  • supporting local economies by purchasing local goods and participating with small, local businesses
  • conserving resources by seeking out businesses that are environmentally conscious, and by using the least possible amount of non-renewable resources

Bella Solviva expects to plant several acres of organic gardens and orchards in the future, providing fresh fruit, greens and vegetables for use onsite and possibly for sale to the public.  Additionally, a winter greenhouse may be built to continue production year-round.  Other organic farm items may be available for sale, including eggs & poultry.

Sustainable Forest ManagementSustainable Forestry

We are committed to sustainable forestry management, meaning the environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of our forests for present and future generations.  Our campground development plan is being drawn up by and highly sought after expert, and is designed to improve the eco-culture by proper thinning and encouraging a diverse environment.

Every other aspect of development is also looked at for eco-friendly sustainability, from buildings, roads & trails, and waste management.


Important Reminder

Note - The recreational destination described in this site is in its formative stage and represents the founders vision for Bella Solviva. The images and descriptions depict this first of its kind eco-resort in the Midwest. Some of the photographs & all videos were taken onsite, but most images of accommodations, activities and amenities are not of the actual property.

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