Nature Escape Club Vacation Points

Nature Escape vacation points give you the freedom to adapt your vacation style as your needs change, by choosing when you want to travel, how long you’d like to stay, and the accommodation type you would like to stay in while saving on future Bella Solviva Nature-Escape getaways and creating lifelong memories.

Nature Escape Club points are pre-purchased with your Nature Escape Club Membership. Your points never expire and they will never lose their value.  In fact, as rates increase from year to year, the value of your points increases. By purchasing points at a discount of up to 30% off of the low, introductory 2016 rates, they may be used at any time in the future, locking in both the point cost and usage values shown in the chart below.

Nature Escape Club stays at Bella Solviva are assigned a Vacation Club Point value based on accommodation size, length of stay, location and season. Club Members can choose from any themed area, any style and size of accommodation, and check in on any day they wish and stay as long as they want — or use Vacation Club Points purchase onsite goods and services.

How many points do I need?  Take our glamping personality survey and/or call today and we'll be happy to have a Nature Escape Club specialist walk you through to find out!

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Additional points may be purchased at any time, at the currently offered rate.  For best savings, as those rates will rise quickly, purchase enough to cover 2-5 years of usage. Our Nature Escape Club Specialist can assist you in calculating the number of points you will want.


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Important Reminder

Note - The recreational destination described in this site is in its formative stage and represents the founders vision for Bella Solviva. The images and descriptions depict this first of its kind eco-resort in the Midwest. Some of the photographs & all videos were taken onsite, but most images of accommodations, activities and amenities are not of the actual property.

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