Nature Escape Club Membership Costs

A membership in Bella Solviva's Nature Escape Club will give you up to 30% savings for accommodations and most anything else at the resort, sans catering & events. A one-time Membership fee, ranging from $250 to $750, allows you to purchase points at a an introductory rate and never expires as long as you keep points in your account!

Within the Classic, Legendary & Epic memberships, the point categories available for purchase are listed below.  The retail price of a point is currently $14, and as an example, a Legendary member pays only $10.92 for that same point, saving 22%!  Your points retain their value as the point cost for any accommodation will not change for the life of the purchased points!

So, it pays to purchase as many points as you can purchase to cover the next 2-5 years of usage at Bella Solviva, as inflation cannot eat away at the point value or accommodation cost.  One may purchase more points at any time (100 minimum) at the then-current rate, minus discount-level purchased.

A Nature Escape Club Specialist will be happy to assist you in determining the "right" number of points for you to purchase.  Let's do this - call or email us today!


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Note - The recreational destination described in this site is in its formative stage and represents the founders vision for Bella Solviva. The images and descriptions depict this first of its kind eco-resort in the Midwest. Some of the photographs & all videos were taken onsite, but most images of accommodations, activities and amenities are not of the actual property.

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