Traditions Advantage Program

When you make a reservation at Bella Solviva or submit an online survey at, you are automatically enrolled into the Traditions Advantage Rewards Program.  Traditions Advantage allows members to accumulate points based on reservations, referrals, surveys and onsite purchases.  Once a guest accrues a minimum of 300 points, they may redeem these points by applying them toward future reservations or onsite goods and services.  Each of the three Traditions Advantage levels offer unique benefits and privileges, the details of which are provided in the chart below. 

How does the program work?

Traditions Advantage members receive points based upon a percentage of a paid in full reservation, a paid in full referral's reservation, onsite purchases and completed online surveys.  A record of your lifetime accumulated points qualify you for varying levels of perks and privileges. Qualifying points are cumulative,  which ensures that you will never have to re-qualify for the same reward level. 

Your lifetime, qualifying points will continue to increase with each purchase of Bella Solviva goods and services, reservations and referrals, regardless of the points redeemed.  Members with 300 qualifying points are eligible for the Traditions Select reward level, 600 qualifying points the Traditions Prime reward level and 1000 points, the Traditions Legacy reward level.

How do I enroll in the Traditions Advantage Program?

Members enroll in the Traditions Advantage Rewards Program with their first reservation or with their first online survey submission.

How do I redeem points toward other purchases?

A Traditions Advantage member who accumulates a minimum of  300 points is invited to use the points accumulated like a savings account; each point is worth $1 in value.  These points - or dollars - may be redeemed toward future reservations, the purchase of onsite Bella Solviva owned goods and services and may be used with some other third party vendors (on or off site).

What happens to my Traditions Advantage account when I redeem some of the points I earned?

Your lifetime qualifying points will continue to increase with each purchase of Bella Solviva goods and services, future reservations and referrals regardless of the points redeemed.  Members with 300 qualifying points are eligible to purchase up to $300 in goods and services or apply a credit of $300 toward a future reservation.  Your redeemable points act like a bank account with deposits being made with each purchase and a withdrawl made each time you use your account to purchase Bella Solviva goods, services or future visits.  The account balance will reflect the total number of qualifying points, minus the redeemed number of points.

How do I receive Traditions Advantage Points for referring other people?

To receive points for a referral, the booking party must provide your full name, email and contact phone number.  The points awarded will be equal to 10% of the purchase price of a referral's paid in full reservation. Points will be credited to your account once your referral's reservation is paid in full.

How many points do I receive for booking a reservation for myself or my family?

The points awarded for a personal reservation will be equal to 10% of the purchase price of a paid in full reservation. If the reservation is cancelled for any reason, the points awarded for that reservation will be deducted from your Traditions Advantage account.


Traditions Advantage Rewards Program
Program Benefits

Traditions Select

300 Points

Traditions Prime

600 Points

Traditions Legacy

1000 Points

Early Check-in    
S'mores Welcome Gift      
Specialty Welcome Gift    
Birthday Club
see details below (1)
Personalized valet service to your accommodation    
Turn Down Service
see details below (2)
Access to Heritage Club Room during your stay    
Advanced reservation privileges on promotional offers
see details below (3)
Use Points toward the purchase of goods and services or apply to accommodation reservation on future stays    

 Program Details:

1. Birthday Celebration: Reserve a glamping getaway (min of 2 night stay) the month of your birthday and receive a $50 gift certificate toward an onsite service or one of our off-site local partners (See web page - more information coming soon)
2. Turn Down service applies to Tipi, Safari Tents, B&B Rooms, Tree Houses, MASH Unit, Airstreams, Cabins, Yachts and Airliners
3.  Advanced Reservations on Promotional offers will give first priority Select, Prime and Legacy Traditions Rewards Members prior to being released to non-members and announced on social media outlets.
4.  Points awarded for onsite purchases include store purchases, concierge amenities, equestrian services and meal packages.  
5. Traditions Advantage Points are non-transferrable.

Program subject to change at any time, without notice, prior to purchase.  Discounts may not be combined with any other discounts.



Important Reminder

Note - The recreational destination described in this site is in its formative stage and represents the founders vision for Bella Solviva. The images and descriptions depict this first of its kind eco-resort in the Midwest. Some of the photographs & all videos were taken onsite, but most images of accommodations, activities and amenities are not of the actual property.

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